The feminism waves in history

Although the roots of feminism have their roots from ancient Greece, the feminism movement is mostly recognized by three waves of feminism. In the modern era, the feminism is empowered by the internet connectivity globally, as many people are standing up against the discrimination of women. Find feminist meaning in tamil. The feminism era has begun and the impact can be seen by the way it is influencing social power and the demand for change in society.

  1. The first wave (the 1830s- early 1900s)

This was the beginning of women’s fight for property rights and equal contracts. In the late 19th to early 20th century, women were always taken for granted and realized the need to gain power politically ( inclusive of the right to vote) to bring the change needed. The agenda involved a matter of sexual health, reproductive health, and the economy. The main concept that was emphasized was that the women had the same potential as that of men.

  1. The second wave (the 1960s – 1980s )

With the second world war ending, the second wave of feminism swept the nations. Find feminist meaning in tamil. This time the focus was on the rights at workplace, sexuality, family and reproductive rights. It was perceived that women had got their equality goals when America was still on restructuring mode. And there are many misconceptions to this wave and it is dismissed as an offensive, outdated and obsessive period of the middle-class women’ problems. But in contrast, the women who were part of the second wave had participated in the Black Civil Rights Movement, Anti Vietnam Movement, Chicano Rights Movement, Asian-American Civil Rights Movement, Gay, and Lesbian Movement and many other groups that were fighting for equality. Many women felt their voices were still not heard and respected. That is why they felt the need of addressing the concern of gender equality in co-ed organizations. Women held the above issues of civilians dear to their hearts and wanted their voices to be taken into they started with the fight for the equality of genders.

  1. The third wave (the 1990s – early 2000s)

This movement was very different from its predecessors. The word “feminist” faced less criticism among the female population. Although the outlook for the feminism varied and was categorized as ego-cultural feminists, radicals, liberals, electoral, academic, ecofeminists, etc. The movement continued its fight to abolish the pay inequalities for men and women, the reproductive rights of women were brought into picture again. The workplace is one of the factors to bring down the inequalities and violence against women in India and abroad. This wave mainly originated to make people accept feminism and to get the right understanding of the word ‘feminism’.

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